Pennsylvania Concrete Conference


Day 1

Welcoming Remarks

John Becker, P.E.
ACPA PA Chapter

Keynote Address

Barry Schoch, P.E.
PA Secretary of Transportation


National Concrete Pavement Initiatives

Jerry Voigt, P.E.
CEO, ACPA National

CPQI Committee Updates

Joe Robinson, P.E.
PennDOT BOPD, Highway Assurance

ASR Pro-Team Update

Bob Horwhat, P.E.
PennDOT BOPD, Materials Laboratory

The History of the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Craig Shuey
COO, PA Turnpike Commission

America’s Dream Highway

Presentation of the ACPA Lifetime Pavement Performance Award

Jerry Voigt, P.E.
CEO, ACPA National


Roller Compacted Concrete in Upper Nazareth

Sean Dooley, P.E.
Keystone Consulting Engineers

Accelerated Bridge Construction Overview

Hank Bonstedt, FPCI, CME
Central Atlantic Bridge Association

Ashcom Rd. Bridge Replacement Using Precast Elements

Russell Dickson, P.E.
Newcrete Products

Concrete Pipe Updates

Rex Busa
Pennsylvania Concrete Pipe Association

Pavement/Vehicle Interaction

David Shepherd
Portland Cement Association


Bridge Deck Cracking Pro-Team Update

Justin Bryan
Frank Bryan, Inc.

Recycling Concrete to Reduce Project Costs

Ben LaParne, P.E. and Dean Josephson, P.E.
PennDOT District 2



Day 2

Why Concrete Overlays

Joe Szczur, P.E.
PennDOT District 12 Executive

Overview of Concrete Overlays

Gary Fick, P.E.
National Concrete Pavement Technology Center

Concrete Overlay Performance in Pennsylvania

Josh Freeman

Bonded PCC Overlay Design Methodologies

Julie Vandenbossche, PhD, P.E.
University of Pittsburgh

Innovations in Diamond Grinding

John Roberts
International Grooving and Grinding Association

The Evolution of Concrete Paving Design

Dennis Morian, P.E.
Quality Engineering Solutions